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Four hidden rules about falling in love

Four hidden rules about falling in love

Some time ago, I heard someone tell a particularly suffocating love story.

The boy has been single for several years. After being introduced by his friends, he met a girl.

Girls fall in love for the first time. They look clean and gentle. Boys like her very much and take good care of her all the time.

Unfortunately, they separated in less than half a year.

There are many reasons, but almost every one listed is a taboo of love.

For example, as soon as they have a conflict, the girl goes back and tells her sister. Her sister turns around and educates the boy as the eldest sister. Due to the identity of the other party’s eldest sister, the boy has to listen and accept it all every time. For example, if two people have different opinions, the girl will raise the event to the level of “love or not”. If you love me, you will unconditionally tolerate me and accept me. If you oppose me, you don’t love me; For example, just three months after falling in love, the girl’s parents proposed to add a name to the mortgage house bought by the man a few years ago. The boy was very helpless. It was neither refusal nor refusal. But after all, I haven’t even touched the edge of the engagement, and the elders of both sides haven’t officially met for dinner. How can I talk about the addition of the house step by step.

People have memories, especially for some hurtful words and deeds, which will be remembered deeply and difficult to heal.

In this way, the feelings were slowly dissipated, and in the end, the two people couldn’t go back.

Being together is never just like and love. Those who can love smoothly for a long time, seemingly inadvertently, often have traces to follow.

Today I want to share with you the four hidden rules of love relationship. I hope you and the people you care about will love for a long time.


Others’ suggestions can be referred to

But don’t just listen

I don’t know if there is someone around you who is particularly willing to share love details with friends around you. Let everyone give their own ideas in order to take the lead in the relationship.

Obviously, it is the love of two people, but it has evolved into the balance of a group of people.

“Some feelings have been entangled for a long time. In the end, you can’t tell whether you want to love or win.”

The advice of onlookers may be just experience or casual, but the result of your blind listening may hurt someone who originally loved you very much.

So ah, the persuader is careful to persuade, and the persuaded is careful to listen.

After all, a thousand couples have a thousand ways to get along. It is you who love and are loved, and it is you who bear the results.

Listening to your heart to make choices is a more accurate and less regretful way.


Break up too much

The feeling is really light

The most taboo in intimate relationships is reckless rampage.

Those merciless slanders when in a hurry and those reckless attempts to break up are high lethal weapons that can damage feelings.

You think it’s out of true temperament to slam the door and break up, but maybe one day, the door you close will never open again, and the breakup you said can’t be taken back.

“Calm down first, then calm down.”

When both sides are angry, things can’t be solved, and the reason doesn’t make sense.

It’s better for two people to calm down for a while. When you get back to your senses, you will find that it may be cool to say bad words for a while, but what a stupid thing if you completely hurt the person you clearly love.

Love should cherish each other. The closer you are to close people, the more grateful and respectful you should be.


Respect each other’s differences

The sea of people is vast, and everyone has their own differences.

But there are always many kidnappings in the name of love in this world. “If you love me, you will change for me.” “If you love me, you should listen to me.”

The result of blindly compromising and yielding can only be that each other is no longer like each other, and love is no longer love.

We should all understand that before a person becomes another person’s lover, Ta is ta himself first.

And the ideal love must be that two people are attached to each other, but they are independent.

Therefore, when seeing the difference of the other party, the first thing should be to try to respect the TA, not change the TA.

Two people together can also allow differences between each other. Only by mutual respect and encouragement can they last for a long time.


Avoid excessive self touch

“I’ve paid so much to you. You owe me too much.”

Such complaints seem to be that the party with weak initiative in love is complaining about injustice, but the other party forced to take the initiative may not feel good.

One of my favorite views is that no matter who you are with, you are living with yourself first.

The gifts you prepared carefully, the nights you missed and couldn’t sleep, and the energy you paid for love all gave you the greatest comfort and feedback in the process of their occurrence.

What I fear most in love is a person’s self touch.

Love is not a relationship between creditors and debtors. I am willing to love you very much. At the same time, I must understand that you have no obligation to pay me back very much.


What a wonderful fate it is for two strangers to meet and know each other and spend their lives together.

Love is probably the most subtle surprise in the world.

Moving each other is not the goal, and receiving results is not the ultimate goal. Love itself is the greatest significance.

Therefore, if you are still going well in your relationship today, I hope your future will still be smooth;

If unfortunately you quarrel and have a cold war, take a good look at this article and listen to the song:

“If I love you in a different way, let’s change our position and have a look at it.”

Care less, hurt less, and win less. To create love, to enjoy love, is enough.

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