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Humorous sentences to ask someone out

Humorous sentences to ask someone out

1. Not for love, but for eternity.

2. Although I haven’t left yet, I miss you so much!

3. Love is always the best when you are worried about gain and loss. If you don’t start, it will never disappear. But who can’t help starting?

4. The only gift that love asks for is love.

5. My love is with you.

6. Look into my eyes and you’ll see what you mean to me.

7. One of the most amazing things in the world is that the person you thought you had no chance to get close to fell in love with you.

8. It’s better to wait for heaven in hell than to continue dreaming in memory.

9. Love is a fabric woven by nature and embellished by fantasy.

10. You don’t love a woman because she is beautiful, but she will become beautiful because of your love.

11. Love is the best refreshing agent in life.

12. Please allow me a little pride, because I have such dependence as you

13. One of the best things in the world is that when you hug someone you love, he holds you tighter.

14. Want to hear your love words, hold me and look at the snowflakes

15. Happiness is to quarrel with him on a winter night and find that he actually warms my pajamas in his arms.

16. Just ask to meet you in my most beautiful years and give you all the sunshine.

17. I admit that I like you. I’m trying to like everything you like in the future.

18. I admit that I like you. I’m trying to accept all the habits you like in the future.

19. There are hundreds of millions of stars in the sky, but I only see you. If you want to say whether it’s lucky or incredible.

20. I like to control my heart, but after meeting you, my heart lost its original direction.

21. If you are tired, you can stop and watch the sunset. I’ll accompany you wandering on the way of life.

22. I’m afraid all the tenderness in this life is not enough for me to see you.

23. Love makes people stupid. Love words are a pile of silly words, love letters are a series of silly words, and lovers are little fools.

24. Self esteem often drags people and twists and turns love.

25. I don’t need an oath of alliance. I just need you to accompany me through every spring, summer, autumn and winter.

26. There are too many scenery around me, but I stop here and say that I’m stupid. It’s not because of you.

The world is full of flowers, say to me. I don’t like the dark night. You take my hand to pick the stars.

28. I’m afraid of being lost in this life. You accompany me on foot. I’m tired of wandering. You make me safe all my life.

29. We may chat on QQ every day, but I feel very happy to have him chat with me

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