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26 suggestions for dating couples

26 suggestions for dating couples

26 suggestions for dating couples

Many people who fall in love often don’t know where to go or what to play when two people are together. That’s too embarrassing. In the lover stage, the relationship is very delicate. At this time, the details may determine whether they can be recognized by the other party, especially when dating. The following is a one-day dating schedule.

Article 1: don’t choose a place full of handsome men and beautiful women to date

You and TA are dating in a coffee shop, and there is a distribution center of handsome men and beautiful women near this coffee shop. The dating process will not be so smooth. When you sit face to face with TA, you still have to control your sight and won’t float around with the opposite sex full of temptation magnetic field nearby. What a painful thing it is! Of course, I believe TA sitting in front of you will not be very easy.

Article 2: put on flat shoes!

Maybe you’re thinking that the first date should be beautiful. How can you lose high heels? But the truth is: wear comfortable flat shoes on your first date! You don’t know how your date develops. Maybe they have a good talk. Finally, he suggested taking a walk in the park near your home. Would you refuse? So put on your most comfortable flat shoes and welcome your first date!

Article 3: don’t expect too much

The night before your first date with TA, will you sit and stand uneasy with excitement, or scratch the wall and sofa with joy? Don’t be happy too soon! This sentence sounds disappointing, but it’s a good advice: lower your expectations for the first date so that you won’t be too disappointed even if the date isn’t very pleasant; And if the date goes well, it’s a surprise for you!

Rule 4: don’t forget that dating can make a variety of

It’s a good choice to make a regular meal at home with TA or play a video game together. Compared with going out to dinner and watching movies, this may be a dating way that allows you to better understand TA, and the interaction between them will become more Oh!

Article 5: equip sexy underwear!

Even if your first date doesn’t end in a “passionate” way, wearing sexy underwear can at least boost your confidence. And if you end up “passionate”, you don’t want a “grandma” little cute under your tight jeans!

Article 6: take gum with you!

If you eat in a romantic western restaurant, you get up gracefully and come to the bathroom, but you find that you don’t have dental floss and gum with you. Do you have to scratch the wall? Go back to the table and listen to ta talking to you, but you can only cover your mouth and smile awkwardly. This is not a good thing.

Don’t forget to take your gum, floss and other items with you, because TA may appear in front of you the next minute and invite you to an unexpected first date!

Article 7: let your friends cheer you up

If you’re nervous about your first date with TA, call your good friend for encouragement! As your good friends, they don’t hesitate to praise you, which can also increase your confidence before dating!

Article 8: don’t dress too sexy

This is your first date. It won’t be in a nightclub, will it? So don’t dress too sexy, it may make him feel unhappy!

Article 9: know it in advance!

If you lack a common topic during the dating process, it will be very helpful to know his information on the dating website in advance. Maybe “inadvertently” saying that a video appearing on his Facebook page can open the topic!

Article 10: don’t let TA know that you’ve turned all TA’s information upside down

Maybe you use your powerful search technology to turn TA’s personal data upside down when you know TA’s name. This is not a bad thing, but it’s better not to let TA know.

Just imagine, if you unknowingly talked about his ex girlfriend, his favorite band, or even his ridiculous hairstyle five years ago when you were chatting, I’m afraid he would be scared out of words by you sitting opposite you? So, powerful technology flow, hide this superhuman skill first!

Rule 11: don’t treat dating as a cocktail party

A drink may be a good choice, but don’t get drunk on a date. Your drunken madness may lead to the early termination of a potential relationship. Before drinking, you are a quiet little lady. When you get drunk, you become a violent queen. Do most boys get scared away?

Rule 12: don’t forget to keep smiling

Maybe your date is not so pleasant because of various “natural and man-made disasters”, but don’t forget to keep an optimistic attitude during the dating process. If it gets cold, the restaurant closes and TA’s car breaks down on your date day, I believe your smile will make the date less bad.

Article 13: This is not the time to go on a diet

Scare your appetite when you’re dating? So you’d rather go hungry and dress up as a lady than just order a vegetable salad? Never! Unless you’re sure you can survive a night on a little food.

Article 14: No, never ask his height

Maybe you see his information that his height is 178cm, but after meeting you find that he is only 173cm. At this time, don’t question his height. In addition to embarrassing him, your next date may fail!

Article 15: show interest in the topic that TA said

No one wants to talk to themselves on their first date. If you don’t like the place you’re dating, you can end the date as soon as possible; If you think TA’s gushing economic theory is boring, you can try asking TA questions, talking to TA and making some eye contact.

Rule 16: don’t let dating turn into a bitter water meeting

You may be experiencing some unpleasant things in your life, but don’t keep talking about these frustrations on your first date. People don’t come to hear you complain about your annoying boss, your unreliable ex boyfriend and your sick old cat.

Article 17: don’t use psychology to analyze your date

If your date happens to be a psychologist, does it feel like you can see through everything? This is not a comfortable feeling, so if you happen to have studied psychology, don’t look at Ta with your professional perspective on the first date, let alone analyze the reasons for the failure of TA’s last relationship.

Article 18: don’t ask too personal questions

Although you may develop a close relationship, it’s not now. The first date between two people is still not suitable for asking too personal questions, such as how many children you want in the future and how much money you have in the bank. These questions will only make people feel embarrassed.

Rule 19: don’t talk about your predecessor

When dating your new partner, never talk about your ex boyfriend / girlfriend with TA, because you may become painful, ruthless or nostalgic when talking about it. I believe the other person won’t want to see you like this.

Article 20: don’t ask about TA’s predecessor

Yes, besides not talking about your ex on your first date, asking TA about his ex is probably not a good way to date, because it may cause two people’s unhappiness.

Article 21: issues of principle are indispensable

Does it feel bad if two people develop second, third and Nth dates after the first date, but gradually find that you disagree on some important issues? So don’t forget to put forward some principles you adhere to on your first date, which is much better than finding them later. We can’t guarantee that both sides will be very satisfied on the first date. If you have different views, put them forward as soon as possible. At the beginning, two people don’t have a deep relationship. Even if they are separated, the harm between them is limited. You can compromise for a while, but you can’t bear humiliation for a lifetime? Rather than quarrel between two people in the future, it’s better to clarify your principles at the beginning. Men are tangled with questions like “what should I do if my girlfriend quarrels with me”.

Article 22: don’t discuss sex with TA

Unless you plan to have a passionate “love” with TA on your first date, don’t talk about your “love history” and “love habits” with Ta – it can not only leave some temptation suspense for each other, but also save your next date.

Article 24: the society refuses

If you find that you don’t like him on a date, but he wants to talk to you somewhere else after the date, please be brave to refuse! It’s good for both of us to be frank about what you think.

Article 25: don’t rush to add TA as an online friend after dating

No matter on dating websites, QQ or MSN, don’t rush to apply for adding TA as a friend after your first date. This will make the other party feel that you want to investigate or pry into TA’s privacy. Of course, it may not be so serious, but you’d better hold your impatience first!

Article 26: breaking stereotypes

Who says girls must be reserved? If you think he is good after the date and want to continue to develop with him, don’t just wait for his call! Girls take the initiative to attack, which will make boys appreciate your courage!

Winter dating advice

1. A dating plan that can only be done in winter

“Take a one-day trip to a hot spring in the capital of Tokyo. Go to a hot spring in the morning, come back in the afternoon or in the evening. Taking a hot spring can not only warm and heal your body and mind, but also enhance communication and eliminate the estrangement accumulated because you can’t meet each other.” “It’s because it’s cold that I have to go to see the night scenery. Because the colder the air is, the more beautiful the night scenery is. I think this is a form of dating that can’t be missed in winter.” “if you want to skate, you can let your boyfriend teach me to skate. You must be very happy.”.

Although the cold weather makes people shout “frozen into a dog”, when it is cold, you can see more beautiful night scenery and feel the hot spring. If it is a hot spring, there is also a chance to avoid the sight of everyone in the pool under the package, and love each other heartily, so that both body and mind can be warmed. It can be said that it is a dating form that can be achieved only in winter.

2. Find a warm place to relax

“I want to drink coffee and chat in a warm coffee shop, but it’s just good. I like to drink hot coffee that can make people warm from the inside out in winter”, “play in a heated cinema or aquarium”, “go shopping in a heated supermarket, watch movies and hang around all afternoon”.

In winter, those places with heating on always have infinite charm, which can make people feel very comfortable there. If you are in a warm cinema or shopping mall, you can spend your dating time leisurely even on a cold winter day. Some large comprehensive shopping malls still have stores, cinemas, art galleries, restaurants and so on. You can spend a lot of time without going out at all.

3. Comfortable at home

“I want to drink warm drinks at home and watch DVDs leisurely” “I want to watch movies at home with him. Anyway, the cold wind rages as soon as I go out. It’s better to go to the cinema than at home

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