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In love, what women want to hear is not “I love you”, but these words

In love, what women want to hear is not “I love you”, but these words

As for interpersonal relationships, you may not have seen the inspirational book “the weakness of human nature”, which is popular all over the world, has a huge reputation and helps many people get rid of poverty and become rich and realize the counter attack of life, but you must have heard of the name Dale Carnegie.

He is not only a famous American master of interpersonal relationship, but also the founder of modern western interpersonal relationship education. At the same time, he was also rated as the greatest spiritual mentor of the 20th century.

Over the years, he has devoted himself to adult education, helping countless people find their life orientation and realize the gorgeous reversal of life. The book “the weakness of human nature” is the epitome of his thoughts.

“The weakness of human nature” tells us: in feelings, what women want to hear is not “I love you”, but these words

I love you, straightforward and simple. It seems that all feelings are integrated into these simple three words, but in fact, these three words are the most annoying words for women. I love you without any emotion. It is difficult for women to hear your love and feel your love from these three words. They regard emotion as a part of life. In a woman’s view of love, what she needs is hot emotion, Instead of a specious word, I love you too ordinary, so ordinary that women don’t recognize it as a love word. Love words need love, and these three words are like cast steel bars, cold and cold, which is difficult to strike the hearts of the people. Therefore, in love, what women want to hear is never “I love you”, but these words.

1. Go to bed early

A word of advice at night is actually the best love words. Even if the coolness permeates a woman’s body at night, a man’s word of going to bed early will immediately warm a woman’s heart, just like the dazzling sunshine in the cold and piercing winter. It should be understood that women always walk between lacking a sense of security and looking for a sense of security, and a man’s word of advice is the best sense of security. Women want to be close to you and rely on you, Get strength from you.

2. Remember to miss me

Men’s concern is a good medicine for women’s loneliness. What they urgently want or strive to pursue is that a man can think of himself and keep himself in mind all the time. A man’s sentence reminds me to reassure women completely. They know that men love her and care about her. In this way, in the face of this relationship, women find the meaning of persistence, No woman will sink into the cold and emotionless words of a man. What they need is the words that give her courage. Let her feel full and happy in this relationship.

3. Miss you

Different from “remember to miss me”, this is a man’s love word to a woman. Although there are only two simple words, it contains a lot of unspeakable feelings. Moreover, these two words are very real. They are a direct expression of what is read and thought in the heart. It is precisely because they are direct that they move people. Women like men to say their love for her directly. This direct way will enrich and satisfy women’s hearts. They don’t like word games, In the face of this sweet talk, women are willing to accept and accept it. They are willing to believe this kind of confession that hits the heart directly.

Life never changes, but what can change is our own heart. In the face of the same thing, some people are unhappy and some are happy. The reason is whether one can be open-minded, optimistic and change his mind.

As people often say, you don’t even know the basic human and worldly skills. You don’t know how to survive in the Jianghu. What else do you talk about?

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