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When girls like you, there are several kinds of pay

When girls like you, there are several kinds of pay

What is the difference between sincere and like? What is the difference between like and love?

A sincerity is enough to witness long-term persistence and patience, which is the proof of the life dimension of love; A love will eventually have action as its expression, and it is impossible to pay nothing at all.

When a woman likes you and focuses on sincerity, she will focus on paying for you. There are all kinds of situations and situations. For example, she will give you intimate gifts, understand you, be familiar with you, and have the ultimate understanding and love for you; Not willing to spend money for you, but very willing to spend money for you, completely forgetting that girls have to be spoiled and cared for. She just wants to do something and pay something for the people she loves, and prove that love does not exist unnecessarily by action; Love words will be slowly released in jokes, giving you the feeling that she is very interesting, lively and humorous, making you happy, but very enthusiastic.

When encountering love, there are not many girls who stand still. Maybe there are, but there will always be some actions and performances. More or less, there will always be actual occurrence.

Women are creatures who pay attention to practical action. In their love category and concept, if love cannot be witnessed by action, it is mostly false and disguised. They have high requirements for themselves and are willing to give everything for love. Therefore, most of the boys they admire will have crazy feelings of attitude and perfection, as well as the communication state of disturbing and greeting from time to time.

From the beginning of love, they no longer have calm and peace. They have always been between close to madness and madness. The cycle flows, but it never stops.

When girls like you, there will be several kinds of pay


A thoughtful gift for you

What is a thoughtful gift? What is more loving gift and giving?

In fact, in the process of getting along with men and women, some things do not need to deliberately express love, but can also bring their own romantic attributes, such as chocolate, belt, tie, bow tie, shirt, leather shoes, watch, etc. These things are probably the types of gifts often given by girls. They want you to feel love from your heart, but they are embarrassed to say it directly. Finally, they have the affection transmitted with the help of gifts, even if they don’t say anything, Everything is in silence. Gifts are the best proof and intimate and good explanation.

When a girl often gives you very considerate gifts, this is an unusual feeling, which far exceeds your expectations and thoughts, because she not only likes you, but also knows your likes and dislikes, but also knows all the daily details about you. All these things contribute to the considerate and appropriate gifts.

If gift giving happens among unfamiliar people, it is easy to be embarrassed. For example, if you like drinks, the other party will send you flowers; If you like chocolate, the other party will give you a golf club. It seems that it is a gift with heart, but it is not considerate. It will inevitably make you feel a little low value and regret.

Girls give you a gift that caters to your heart, which can basically explain the expression of love and the transmission of affection. It is difficult to hide and avoid.


Not willing to spend money for you, but take the initiative to spend money for you

If she likes you, she will worry about your work pressure and your life. She will even worry about your friends, relatives and others. She always seems to forget herself. In fact, she is full of protection and care for you. She is not willing to consume your value at all, but is willing to pay for you.

Although she is not willing to spend money for you, she is willing to spend money for you, and she is willing to spend more. In this case, she treats you wholeheartedly and gives you a lot of love and affection, but does not take love as a superficial appeal. All her purposes are the future and are about the happiness of the two people. Since the two people can share joy and beauty together, they don’t have to consume and lose each other too soon and plan and plan as long as possible, To be safe and rational.

In this world, no girl is unwilling to spend money, buy beautiful clothes and jewelry, and no girl doesn’t like to enjoy petty bourgeoisie life. Only some girls are willing to become simple and frugal because they love you, and are willing to change their preferences and dislikes in order to love you. Once her love for you disappears and fades, maybe she will restore her original preferences and personality.

A woman who is not willing to spend your money, but is very willing to spend money for you. She is basically a manifestation of deep love and sincerity. She is worth cherishing and accompanying you. Understanding is the most correct attitude.

No matter how good she is to you, as long as you can’t see, understand or understand, her love will be greatly reduced, as poor and weak as it never existed.

To love and be loved is a beautiful thing to cherish and understand each other. To attend an appointment without anyone’s seriousness and intention is a regrettable ending.


Love words are released in jokes

Usually, we will find a strange and interesting phenomenon, that is, once a girl likes you, she will especially like to chat with you, and be willing to get along with you and interact with you. She can also joke, tease and play treasure with you. It seems that the sense of humor can be easily obtained without pressure and burden. It is the encouragement of love and the promotion of love.

When a girl puts aside her reserved coat and tells you love words in a joking way, it must be that she loves you very much. No matter how generous and cheerful a girl is, she won’t reveal her love to a man. If she keeps revealing it to you, it will show that you are the person she likes, and it is likely that she has liked it for a long time.

If a love is accepted and trusted, the telling party will stop, stop and transfer to other performances, but there will be no additional love words and jokes. I hope both men and women in this situation can feel and understand this.

Love often exists in the form of jokes. In many cases, love also occurs in the form of humor. At first, it was just a joke, but later it changed its flavor. It is not ambiguous, but the deep affection and kindness that need to be confirmed. The deeper the love, the more difficult it is to answer and respond directly.

Love you is hard to open in my heart, but I can’t face the cruelty of life.

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