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A man contacting you at “these moments” shows that he is deeply “dependent” on you

A man contacting you at “these moments” shows that he is deeply “dependent” on you

When a man depends on a person, either the person is as stable and warm as family affection, or he understands his appreciation and support enough.

Compared with the profusion and warmth in life, what men need more is spiritual abundance.

Once he regards you as the spiritual protagonist, he will deeply rely on you. He not only listens to your suggestions, but also likes to share and talk with you about something. He is willing to nag you about major or minor events.

In fact, in social life, it is rare for a man to be wordy. More often, he talks about what he has and doesn’t involve personal feelings and thoughts. Once he puts you in the position of spiritual protagonist, he will rely on you. He always feels that he has buried his foundation in you, and no one can shake or move away. In short, you are his sense of belonging and security.

Generally speaking, a man’s contact at these moments means that he is deeply dependent on you. For example, his family urges him to get married and tells him that if he doesn’t get married next month, he can either get away or cut off his family affection. Anyway, he has given him enough cruel words.

In this case, a man will contact you and want your comfort, understanding, companionship and compassion. Then he will talk to you and tell you his inner grievances. This dependence will definitely be warmer and steadier than family affection. He has just been baptized by family affection, so he came to you. Isn’t it obvious?

In fact, you are his rear, the final salvation and stability.

The second half of the article will have a detailed interpretation about when men completely depend on you and when they will contact you. Welcome interested friends to read and discuss.

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