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She likes me. How can she go further? Love also needs routines. Look at the master’s technique of flirting with women

She likes me. How can she go further? Love also needs routines. Look at the master’s technique of flirting with women

Love is always a kind of unclear thing, especially for women. Most of the time, they fall in love as long as they feel right for a moment. Therefore, experts create feelings and manipulate women’s heart. Only the so-called “good old man” falls into endless passivity

I know, after I finish the above, many people may immediately ask and refute me: love is sacred and indelible

If you have this idea, I don’t blame you, but what I want to say is, what do you think is love? Describe it in detail. Maybe you will be quiet next second, because love is illusory. If you read the last article in this column, I believe you will immediately have a cognition that the so-called love is just a product of sensualism, then how can we create this feeling and make each other fascinated by you?

That’s what we’re going to talk about. Of course, this move is very powerful. It will even break your three outlooks. I’ll also extend you more “fresh things” you’ve never seen before. Therefore, you should be prepared! Let’s start with a few examples:

Story 1: the “love trick” of good and rich second generation friends

I have a friend of the rich second generation. Although his family is very rich, he is not like the kind reported in the news every day. He eats, drinks, plays and has fun. On the contrary, he is introverted and even doesn’t speak very well.

He has a woman who has been chasing for a year and a month. Unfortunately, they still have a good relationship. They chat every day, but there is no real progress.

He is very distressed. He is afraid that if he directly shows his heart, the woman will politely refuse, or once he shows that he loves her and the other party asks him to prove it, he will fall into a passive situation.

In fact, this guy is still smart, because I tried it a long time ago. When I told the girl I was chasing that I loved her, she asked calmly: how can you prove it?

I hesitated and said: I miss you every day. I can’t sleep. I want to see you as soon as I open my eyes

She said: pull it down. I’ve heard so many words. What I need is someone who can give me a stable life

Obviously, I had no money at that time. This remark made me speechless.

OK, back to the point. After this guy told me the situation, I told him a way.

I said to her: next time you two chat again, when you are in a hot mood, stop and ask her directly: in fact, have you found one thing? (evocative)

When she asks you in surprise, you say: have you found that you actually like me, otherwise you won’t chat with me every day and have such a happy chat with me. If you don’t like someone, you’re afraid you’ll be bored to see him, so you like me.

The guy did as I said, and the next day he hurriedly called and said that when he finished, the woman pursed her lips and said: No, you’re really narcissistic. Ask me if I said something wrong.

I smiled. In fact, this is the performance of the previous set. Her heart has agreed with what you said, but she has to take advantage of her mouth.

Then, a week later, when I saw you again, the two had already tried to communicate together.

Story 2: learn mental skills from six eared macaques and easily stir up the hearts of beautiful women

I don’t know if you’ve seen the TV series “talking about the journey to the West for ten thousand years”. In fact, when it comes to the six eared macaque, he is very good at picking up girls and uses a lot of technology. You can see the plot by yourself.

Among them, the monkey used a lot of techniques. For example, at the beginning, he said: I cut down your banana forest. Instead of being angry, you lent me wine. What does that mean? It means you are a kind-hearted little girl. In fact, there are also skills here, that is, giving seal, giving seal to the other party’s kind heart, and then the other party will really realize himself in this way in order to meet this role. (Zifeng won’t talk about it in detail today. If you are interested, you can learn the column of influence mind control, which is also very poisonous)

After he was invited into the house by Princess Iron Fan, Princess Iron Fan said: what is your intention to find an excuse to approach me?

He said something to Princess Iron Fan. She said: I was beaten violently in the street that day. You see, you obviously see others scolding me for being a heartless man. Why don’t you ask me? You obviously hate heartless people. Why don’t you mention it. In fact, you have a heart for me.

After Princess Iron Fan explained, he continued: don’t you want to know who I am? Don’t you want to know me? Instead of exposing me, you lent me plantain forest to make wine. Didn’t you give us a chance to have further contact?

Princess Iron Fan said after listening: you are less narcissistic, I don’t, I just want to see what tricks you can play. You can make it up.

Ladies and gentlemen, here’s a point to remember. When the other party starts to argue for herself, it means that she has been recruited. He will verbally explain to you and prove that he is not like that. In fact, we all know that the more proof, the lower the energy. Moreover, in the process of proof, her subconscious will deepen the just rationalized explanation, and his heart will really start to reflect: Yes, if someone else dares to burn my banana forest, Dare to lie to me, I didn’t kill him earlier, but why did I invite him to come when I knew he lied to me? Borrow him to make wine from plantain forest? Is it really like what he said?

So, he fell in love with the monkey, and the monkey was just playing.

well! See here, I hope you stop! Do you see something “mysterious” in the above story?

I can tell you without doubt that when you read the following discussion, you will improve your cognition of chasing girls for another stage. Stare down and don’t say, ha ha!

1、 Human nature is like this. When she can’t find a reason, she will be easily hinted and get a reasonable explanation!

I have a female friend. He is smart and wise, but he did a stupid thing.

She went shopping once, took a fancy to a bag and bought it for about 1200 yuan. But not long after she bought it, once she came to work with it and was caught on the spot by one of our female colleagues!

This female colleague is a bag controller and is very proficient in all kinds of leather bags. She saw at a glance that this bag is not genuine, so she asked my friend how much it cost to buy a bag. When my friend confessed, she shouted: you may be killed by [killing pigs], and this bag can be bought for one or two hundred! You should go to the merchant to return the goods!

As a result, what did my friend do? She not only didn’t listen, but also said very firmly: what do you know? There are also many kinds of bags. Mine is genuine. The price is naturally expensive, and the material is better.

Yes, in the face of doubt, she not only did not reflect on herself, but tried her best to prove that she was not cheated and safeguard the business! Why? In fact, this is influenced by cognitive dissonance, rationalizing her behavior and giving herself an explanation.

So it’s the same in love. When we can’t find a suitable reason to explain it, we often make a reasonable explanation. For example, when the rich man in story 1 tells the other party [in fact, you like me, otherwise you won’t chat with me every day and have such a happy chat with me], the other party’s inner inability to explain his behavior will be affected, and she will think: Well, I’m afraid I really like him, otherwise I wouldn’t talk to him so much

Of course, when you look at the six eared macaque, it’s even more incisive. He twisted Princess Iron Fan’s behavior into “you’re interested in me”. As a result, the other party’s subconscious really felt that [I guess I’m really interested in you].

Therefore, you should understand the mechanism of people, especially women. As long as her heart and subconscious begin to feel that she really likes you, it’s not far from winning her.

2、 A fool only knows to move people’s hearts by sincerity, while a master uses reasonable distorted hints to make her feel interesting to herself!

Ladies and gentlemen, before you continue reading, I’d like to ask you a question: are there any silly “good men” around you who are especially good to beautiful women, are sincere and kind, and do everything they can to pay for each other? Or so are you, but what is the final result?

Is the woman really moved by you and live happily with you as written in the fairy tale?

Yes, I can tell you realistically, or you have deep experience. The end of licking a dog is to lick it to the end, nothing, sad!

I would like to emphasize again that women have formed a mature mechanism to screen men after millions of evolution. What they need more is men who can ensure their survival and survive better, and they don’t have enough time to observe men, so they have to judge in a very short time when they come into contact with men.

How to judge? This involves a value measurement standard of human nature:

Human nature is like this. The easier it is to get it, the more it feels worthless. The more it takes thousands of hard work to get it, the more it feels precious. So for women, they have a so-called “waste test”, which is simply to test your obedience attitude. If you are too easy to talk and revolve around her all day, what she says is what she says, then she won’t be emotional to you, because you give her the feeling of “worthless” [waste], because it’s no difficulty to conquer you!

Therefore, you will find a very interesting thing is that a group of sincere and kind-hearted old people shout “we are so innocent, the way of heaven is unfair, we have paid so much, and the woman still abandoned me…” every day, but they never think about how they pursue women. It’s ridiculous, typical thinking of the weak.

Yes, you might also say, “is there anything wrong with being kind and sincere?”, Indeed, it is right to be kind and sincere, but in my opinion, what you want to give play to your kindness and sincerity should also be after catching up with each other, otherwise it is meaningless. Otherwise, it’s like you have a beautiful celadon glass, but you can’t find good wine.

So, what do real experts do? They knew from the beginning that it was to create feelings, create attraction and make themselves active, so they were misinterpreting each other’s behavior and guiding everything to [you need me more] [you like me]. What to do specifically is [reasonable distortion hint]! In fact, the above two stories have been very clear. Now I’ll tell you from the sales level to improve your understanding!

Talk for two hours and make customers feel like they want to pay for the magic!

I have a very powerful teacher who works in Pacific Insurance. He is a famous insurer. Anyone who has done insurance knows that this is the highest honor in the insurance industry. At that time, she often took me to visit customers, and I often saw her use some powerful tricks.

Once, she took me to visit a boss. The boss was introduced by a client in charge. His business was also a little large. After we went there, the boss didn’t have a clear intention to buy insurance.

However, my supervisor was prepared before going. She knew that the boss usually liked fishing and was very insightful, so after meeting and exchanging greetings for a while, my supervisor said: in fact, when I came here today, in addition to knowing whether you are suitable for our insurance, there is another thing to trouble you, which is also my private matter. I just don’t know if you will mind.

At that time, the boss suddenly widened his eyes, leaned forward, looked at my supervisor, and said: what’s up.

My supervisor said: my husband always goes fishing every weekend. He likes it very much. It’s like an addiction. But to be honest, he can’t catch any fish every time. I say my husband. He always says me

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