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Psychology: you are already an adult, and no one will bear the “retribution” of “betraying” marriage for you

Psychology: you are already an adult, and no one will bear the “retribution” of “betraying” marriage for you

In the real society, after doing something wrong, many people expect others not to know that they have done it wrong, or they want to shift the responsibility to others with their own cleverness, which is people’s own “fluke mentality”.

What is the relationship between “fluke mentality” and “betrayal” marriage? People who “betray” their marriage think that no one will know what they do, and feel that even if they know, they can let their partner go unpunished with their intelligence.

Is that really the case? The answer is only one word “no”.

You are an adult, not a child. When children do something wrong, their parents help them bear it. When adults do something wrong, their parents have no responsibility and obligation, and even can no longer help you bear the consequences of what you do wrong.

There are three reasons for saying so. I hope these three major reasons, you have a good look, get rid of the “fluke mentality” as soon as possible, so as not to make mistakes and bear the consequences that cannot be borne.

Your parents can’t decide your marriage

In the feudal period, marriage was decided by parents. In the feudal period, men had three wives and four concubines, and no one would say anything. However, today is an era of equality between men and women, an era of love first.

In the current era, parents have only the responsibility and obligation to raise and teach us, and have no right to dominate our marriage. In other words, although your parents will help you find someone when you are unmarried, after you get married, your parents can’t and won’t participate in your marriage life.

Dissatisfied with your marriage, dissatisfied with your partner and choosing “betrayal”, you have violated the bottom line of moral and legal principles and the bottom line of marriage. You can only bear the consequences. Your parents have no right to intervene in this matter.

You think your parents can bear the consequences of what you did wrong. It’s really a big mistake. Don’t have such a “fluke mentality”. You’re not a child anymore.

Whether your life is good or bad has nothing to do with others

Most people who are unhappy in marriage always say that “my unhappiness is caused by the other party. The reason why I betrayed my marriage is because I’m tired of the other party’s unreasonable trouble”. For those who have such ideas, I want to ask, “are you the master of your life, or are you someone else’s slave?”?

It is true that many men and women who are unhappy in marriage are partly due to their partner’s ignorance. However, have you ever thought that “if you don’t get your default, your partner can tell you what to do. If you don’t choose to bear it, your partner dares to bully you”?

Don’t put all the blame on your partner. You are not your partner’s slave, you are the master of your life. It’s OK to cheat children for such a bad reason. Can you deceive yourself?

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