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Men give you three things. The subtext is “I don’t love you anymore”. Don’t understand

Men give you three things. The subtext is “I don’t love you anymore”. Don’t understand

Women always have fantasies about love. Even if they have noticed a trace of something wrong, they still firmly believe that love will never fade.

Believe that love is a good thing, but being too blind is deceiving yourself and others. Even if there are a lot of love in this world until death, it does not mean that love will never change.

There are many feelings, which are beautiful at the beginning, but with the passage of time, people’s hearts and love have changed.

After all, love can’t resist the waste of time, and feelings can’t escape the destruction of reality. Unconsciously, the man who said he would love you for 10000 years has broken his promise.

You are foolish to wait for him to fulfill his promise, but he has been planning to leave you. How can such a detached feeling be the origin of happiness?

Although he hasn’t made a clear confession, he can’t hide his change of heart at all. No matter how much you do for him, it can’t change the fact that he doesn’t love you anymore.

You may think that as long as he doesn’t know what to say, it means you still have hope. But in fact, he has already hinted that he doesn’t love you in various ways. It’s just that you don’t take it to heart.

If you feel it with your heart, you will find that men give you three things. The subtext is “I don’t love you anymore”.



Some people say that it is difficult to ignore a person. Even with your eyes closed, you can still hear his voice and smell his smell.

If a man still loves you, of course, it’s hard for him to ignore your existence, but if a man doesn’t love you anymore, ignoring it is common.

Because I don’t love you anymore, I won’t take you to heart. Even if you cry to be with him, he won’t be moved by your tears.

He has closed his heart. No matter what you do, what you get will only be his disregard.

He will ignore your crying, your kindness, your pay and your love.

Although he didn’t directly point out his lack of love, all the disregard he gave you reminds you how you can ignore it.

Even if you don’t want to face this situation, you should know that men ignore you and the subtext is “I don’t love you anymore”. If you don’t want to suffer, please let go in time.



In the face of men’s betrayal, although many women are distressed, they still choose to forgive men’s mistakes because of their good words.

Women think that forgiveness can make love return to its original appearance, but they don’t know that forgiveness will only bring greater harm to themselves.

No matter how much you love you, you should think about it. If a man really loves you, how can he bear to hurt you so much?

A man betrays you because he doesn’t love you anymore. Although he hasn’t left you yet, his heart is no longer on you.

He didn’t mention breaking up because he hasn’t found the right next person. Once he finds it, he will leave you without looking back.

He knows you can’t accept his sudden departure for a moment, so he has been reminding you with betrayal. How can you not understand such an obvious hint?

Since a man has pointed out his lack of love with betrayal, you shouldn’t keep pestering. Letting go earlier is a relief for you.



Two people in love, although occasionally disconnected, have irresistible reasons, which is understandable and doesn’t mean anything.

But if a man breaks off contact with you decisively without giving you any reason, it means he doesn’t love you anymore.

He is disconnected from you not for other reasons, but because he is tired of living with you. He really doesn’t want to continue, so he can only escape by disconnecting.

Don’t think he will come back to you. In fact, from the moment he decided to disconnect with you, he has unilaterally announced the end of this relationship. He doesn’t love you anymore and won’t come back to you.

Even if you can’t give up this relationship, you must understand that once a man disconnects with you, he doesn’t love you anymore.

Whether you pester or wait, you can’t turn him back in the end. The only thing you can do is let him go.

Xiaojing’s emotional interpretation:

It is also giving, but because the things given are different, the meaning of the representation is also completely different.

When a man begins to give you three things: ignore, betray and disconnect, his heart has changed.

When he gives you these things, he is actually telling you that he doesn’t love you anymore.

In the face of this situation, you may find a way to recover. But I hope you can understand that no matter how much you do, you can’t turn back a person who doesn’t love you.

Since he has chosen the distance, why do you hold on. You are not fellow travelers. Letting go is the best choice.

Although this relationship has brought you harm, you are not without harvest. At least you can understand that not all giving represents love.

With this harvest, when one day you fall into a relationship again, you won’t be hurt again.

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