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Is it better for couples to do more or less shameful things?

Is it better for couples to do more or less shameful things?

About 20 ~ 30 years old, the secretion of sex hormone is the most vigorous, and the sexual desire is also strong, so the frequency of sex is more frequent. Some people think that more sexual life between husband and wife can delight the body and mind and increase the feelings between each other; But some people think that sex life should be less, which can nourish energy and restore physical strength and energy. Is sex life more or less good.

Less harm to sex?

1. Affect mood

The quality of sexual life will affect women’s mental state and emotion. If sexual needs are not met all the time, it is very likely to cheat or lead to the breakdown of husband and wife’s relationship. In addition, less sexual life will also make women appear sexual indifference or sexual aversion, or lack of sexual desire.

2. Breast diseases

Studies have shown that women without sex for a long time will induce breast diseases or endocrine disorders. Middle aged women are prone to breast lobular hyperplasia, too little sexual life or multiple abortions and never having a child are the high-risk factors of this disease.

3. Affect the physiological function of various organs

Harmonious sexual life can increase the feelings between husband and wife, pleasure the body and mind, and regulate the overall health. However, the long-term lack of sexual life is easy to cause neurological diseases, such as insomnia, dreaminess, systemic pain and cardiac neurosis.

What happens if you have too much sex?

1. Easy to cause prostate problems

Young adults aged 30 ~ 40 have strong sexual activity and are prone to blood sperm. The wall of seminal vesicle is thin. As long as it is inflamed and congested, the wall full of blood vessels will bleed. Seminal vesicle bleeding will make the secretion infected with blood, and then excrete it with semen. This is the so-called blood essence. If you have frequent sex, it will make the sexual organs repeatedly and permanently in a congestive state, leading to seminal vesiculitis or prostatitis.

2. Lead to gynecological diseases

Frequent sex will keep the vagina in a state of hyperemia, and the vaginal mucosa is vulnerable to damage, which will reduce vaginal resistance and induce a variety of gynecological inflammation, such as pelvic inflammation, cervicitis or vaginitis. In addition, frequent sex is also easy to cause pelvic congestion, leading to dysmenorrhea, lower abdominal distension and pain. In addition, premature and frequent sex will reduce female reproductive tract resistance, be vulnerable to human papillomavirus, and increase the risk of cervical cancer.

3. Excessive overdraft of physical strength

Too frequent sex life will overdraft the physical strength and energy of men and women, resulting in excessive physical fatigue, which will affect work and life and reduce immunity and resistance; At the same time, it will also affect the quality of sexual life and reduce sexual satisfaction. In addition, frequent sex can prolong men’s ejaculation time, which over time leads to delayed ejaculation, non ejaculation and dysfunction; It can also make women appear frigid or lack of orgasm.

How often is it appropriate for couples to live?

There is a formula to calculate the frequency of couples’ sexual life, the 10 digits of age × 9. The ten digits of the results are the number of days the sexual cycle lasts, and the single digit is the frequency of sexual intercourse. Take 30-year-old people, 3 × 9 = 27, that is to say, there are about 7 sexual lives in 20 days and about once every three days. However, everyone’s physique, living habits and psychological state are different, so there is no need to stick to specific numbers. As long as you sleep all night after sex, you don’t feel tired on the second day, and it won’t affect your work and life, it shows that the frequency of sex is appropriate.


It can be seen that whether there is too much or too little sex life will affect your health, so you need to grasp the frequency of sex. Both men and women, regardless of age, can have sex as long as they are sexually excited and have no sense of comfort.

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