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About the process of sexual life, five steps are indispensable

About the process of sexual life, five steps are indispensable

A perfect sexual life includes signaling, foreplay touching, sexual activities, orgasm and afterplay, and each stage is indispensable. Sex life is an indispensable part of both husband and wife. Both men and women should understand common sense and fully enjoy the pleasure brought by sex life.

What are the processes of sexual life?

Step 1: sexual signals

Sexual signal is the sexual desire and feeling transmitted by both husband and wife. As long as we master the signal, we can increase the feelings between husband and wife and quickly arouse their sexual desire. If men have strong sexual desire and have direct sex without transmitting sexual signals, it will make the vagina dry and difficult to insert the penis, and even cause pain. What we call a signal is the other person’s gestures, eyes or special actions to hint.

Step 2: sexual foreplay

Foreplay is to stimulate gonadal secretion through hugging, kissing and sweet words to help the penis insert quickly. In addition, it can also arouse desire by joking or making fun. Kissing can stimulate the increase of gonadal secretions. In addition, touching also has certain skills, mainly touching its sexy areas, such as women’s inner thighs, cheeks, chest and arms. You can touch or knead the nipples and breasts with your hands, which can give women special pleasure. Women’s constant sucking and touching stimulation of men’s penis can also make them erect quickly.

Step 3: penis insertion

When the sexual desire of both parties is aroused, the vagina has secretions, which can lubricate the vagina and help the penis insert, and can make people’s spirit more comfortable and get certain satisfaction in their hearts. People with general dysfunction are not easy to insert or cannot move normally during insertion. In addition, female vaginal dryness or genital tract deformity will also make people feel pain during sexual life.

Step 4: orgasm

Because during sexual life, the penis will constantly pull and insert in the vagina, so as to gradually accumulate sexual excitement. When sexual excitement reaches a certain degree, the bladder sphincter will be in a state of spasm, and the seminal vesicle gland and vas deferens will have paroxysmal contraction, resulting in the action of ejaculation, so that the male sex can reach orgasm. During orgasm, the sympathetic nerve will also be in a state of excitement, which is manifested in increased blood pressure, shortness of breath and muscle convulsions all over the body.

Step 5: sexual afterplay

After sex play is the follow-up and supplement after the completion of sexual life, because the sexual reaction cycle of men and women will be different, and the elimination time of women will be prolonged. After the completion of sexual life, we should hug and kiss more, give some tenderness, and increase each other’s feelings.


The above five steps of sexual life are indispensable. Both husband and wife should master certain postural skills. They should not have sex when they are too tired and drinking, otherwise they will cause harm to their body.

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