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30 truths about sex

30 truths about sex

On gender issues, many people have had the experience of “taking things for granted”. When they wait for “clinical” practice, they find that your “taking things for granted” usually only makes the other party feel “disapproval”. How many of the 16 little secrets about sex do you know—— Little married family

It is said that “men are from Venus and women are from Mars”. This difference makes them behave very differently in sexual love.

Even couples who stay together day and night can’t guess the other half’s desire. Poorly expressed “take it for granted” sex can easily lead to misunderstanding between both sides.



Myth 1: women have much less sexual desire than men.

Truth: wrong. Women’s sexuality is often related to their inner feelings, but they actually have as much sexuality as men. It’s just that their sexual desire is more internalized, and they usually don’t express it directly because of shyness, fear and other reasons.

Misunderstanding 2: as long as a woman is willing, she can do it again no matter how tired she is.

Truth: wrong. Women’s so-called multiple orgasms and sequential orgasms are immersed in their physical and mental feelings. But making love requires both physical and mental investment. Since you are very tired, how can you do it again? Even if you reluctantly come back, you won’t show commitment.

Myth 3: direct sexual intercourse can make women orgasm quickly.

Truth: wrong. Under normal circumstances, it is impossible. Both men and women have a physiological arousal process of sexual desire. The climax can only be reached when both men and women reach a high degree of emotional harmony and enter a warm and focused state of mind and body after the lingering of foreplay.

Myth 4: by observing words and expressions, we can judge when women reach orgasm.

Truth: wrong. It’s easy to be self defeating just by observing words and expressions. To judge whether the other party has reached the climax, we need to observe the words and colors, and have a good grasp of our own physical and mental state. Otherwise, it’s easy to “cool” down and make sex impossible to continue.

Myth 5: when a woman says “no”, she actually means “want”.

Truth: not necessarily. She can’t understand this unless she sends out other “sexual signals”. If you treat “don’t” as “want” and ignore her expression and specific scenes, you will definitely misunderstand and and hurt her.

Myth 6: Women’s sexual desire comes slower than men.

Truth: wrong. From a physiological point of view, women’s sexual desire is not much different from that of men. However, influenced by culture and psychology, women’s initial attitude towards sex has a process of rejection, repression, gradual acceptance, and then enjoyment. Sometimes, under the catalysis of emotional and other psychological factors, its speed is faster than that of men.

Myth 7: women can reach multiple orgasms in one sex.

Truth: wrong. Only a small number of women can experience multiple orgasms one after another, which accounts for only about 10%. Therefore, this does not mean that all women can have multiple orgasms. If men perform poorly, some women don’t even reach an orgasm during sex.

Myth 8: women don’t like to caress their partner’s sexual organs.

Truth: wrong. Because women usually like men to touch parts other than their sexual organs before they can get excited. Therefore, women will caress other parts of their partner first, and then the sexual organs, because they feel that this process can excite each other. If a man wants to get straight to the point, tell her what you need.



Myth 9: men are always full of sex.

Truth: of course not. Due to the difference of physiological structure, men’s desire for sex is higher than that of women, but in fact, in addition to sex, there are many important things to consider in men’s mind, such as career, future, entertainment and so on. They don’t refuse sex, but they may not be immersed in sexual fantasies every minute.

Myth 10: sex should always be a man’s initiative.

Truth: No. In sex, the two sides only agree with each other, not should or should not. Imagine that if a man always takes the initiative to put forward sexual needs, he will feel unwanted and worthless. Over time, he will be tired and lose his “sexual” interest.

Myth 11: when a man wants to be excited, he can be excited immediately.

Truth: it’s impossible. There is a process for men and women to enter sexual excitement. Although men are relatively easy to put down what is in front of them and enter the state of sexual excitement, the premise is that men are in a good mental state. Otherwise, men can’t get excited if they want to be excited.

Myth 12: if he doesn’t say a word after sex, it means he doesn’t feel very good.

Truth: wrong. A man’s feeling after sex depends on his excitement in sex, not on his state after sex. If he is tired and doesn’t speak, it just shows that he is more involved in sex and may feel good.

Myth 13: men are always “sexually active” in the morning.

Truth: not necessarily. From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, around 4 a.m. is the time when people’s Yang Qi rises. At this time, men will have congestion and erection of sexual organs, so it will give people a sense of “full of sexual interest”. But this does not mean that he will be interested in making love at this time, which varies from person to person.

Myth 14: for men, feelings are not very important, so they rarely talk about feelings during sex.

Truth: wrong. On the contrary, for many men, it is because feelings are very important that they refuse to say it easily. They will express their feelings with actions. What puzzles men is why women are always so easy to express their feelings?

Myth 15: men never show fear in sex.

Truth: wrong. In fact, men often feel afraid when making love. They are afraid that they can’t reach the ideal state and can’t give their partner happiness. These fears will become emotional barriers. Therefore, after successful sex, men will love more.

Myth 16: men are inherently unfaithful.

Truth: wrong. Not all men are unfaithful. It has something to do with his energy, deep desire and fear he wants to overcome, not with nature! Men are actually very willing to be loyal, because loyalty makes them feel at ease and feel very comfortable in their daily life.


Sex is like “men and women are different”

On gender issues, many people have had the experience of “taking things for granted”. When they wait for “clinical” practice, they find that your “taking things for granted” usually only makes the other party feel “disapproval”.

Sex is always a matter for two people. It is impossible for men and women to have a fixed standard, but it changes according to the specific situation at that time.

For example, men are rational and like to go straight to the theme; Women are more sensitive and pay more attention to feelings.

However, all “differences” will eventually be lost, form a consensus and go straight to the peak, so that both the body and mind can feel the warmth, integration, relaxation and pleasure.

However, if you misunderstand the other person’s intention, it will be self defeating, making you unable to experience the delicate feelings in sex, thus reducing the quality of sex. In the long run, there will be “fatigue”.

The harmony of husband and wife’s sexual life requires the joint efforts of both parties. It also requires both parties to have a very clear understanding of sexual behavior. They should not only know their own body and sexual signals, but also have a clear understanding of each other’s body structure and sexual sensitive areas.

The essence of sex is “love”. In love, it contains elements that make people feel happy and happy, such as understanding, acceptance, love, cherish, tenderness and delicacy.

Sexual ability and performance are not innate. It needs everyone’s acquired learning and more exploration and speculation in the process of practice.

Please try to pay more attention to yourself, understand yourself and learn more about sex, so as to better share with your partner and find the balance between the two people more easily.

Now, please start your sexual “adventure” with your lover. Curiosity will promote you to constantly explore the source of physical and mental happiness of each other, and sex will produce vitality and new ideas.

How many of these 16 little secrets about sex do you know? Welcome to whisper it to the little married family~

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