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No matter how good the heterosexual relationship is, these three boundaries cannot be touched, otherwise the other party is easy to be moved

No matter how good the heterosexual relationship is, these three boundaries cannot be touched, otherwise the other party is easy to be moved

The friendship between the opposite sex is very subtle. It is not as simple as the friendship between girlfriends and brothers. Although many people say that they and their opposite sex friends are pure ordinary friends, few men and women can maintain pure friendship all the time.

If heterosexual friends can’t grasp that scale, they will be upgraded to blue confidant and red confidant. Finally become boyfriend and girlfriend.

The ancients often said, “love begins with emotion and ends with ceremony.”

In particular, heterosexual friends should keep an appropriate distance. If you are just ordinary friends, everything should not be too excessive. Once you break through the boundary, the relationship between two people will change.

After all, the attraction of the opposite sex is an eternal truth. Only by keeping a good balance between the Libra of friendship can they maintain this friendship for a long time.

It can be seen that no matter how good the heterosexual relationship is, there are three “boundaries” that can not be touched easily, otherwise the other party will be easy to move real feelings.

Share joys and sorrows with each other, which inevitably leads to emotional dependence

Every emotion is fate, love is, friendship is also. Two people can know each other at any time, regardless of gender or age.

Some people have known each other for many years and call them friends in the mouth, but they never say intimate words and just make friends on the face. While some talents have known each other for a month, but they have the feeling that they hate to meet each other late and want to say it.

After graduating from University, Lin Jia left the city where she had studied and lived for four years and went to Beijing. Although she found a job and had new colleagues, she still felt very lonely without friends.

Once, the company sent Lin Jia on a business trip. She delayed her plane and had to take the high-speed railway. After the security check, she accidentally dropped her ID card. The young man behind her hurriedly gave it to her and found that the two people were in the same row.

After sitting down, Lin Jia expressed her thanks. They talked and laughed all the way. They got along very happily. Unconsciously, the journey became shorter. After arriving at the station, they added wechat to each other and agreed to keep in touch when returning to Beijing.

After Lin Jia finished his work, he was a little bored, so he sent him a wechat. Unexpectedly, his reply was very timely. As they came and went, they became more and more familiar. Lin Jia often tells him about her joys, sorrows and trivial life.

After returning to Beijing, they also made an appointment to eat out from time to time and called each other good friends. However, Lin Jia didn’t know that their behavior made him cold to his girlfriend.

People are like this. They will inadvertently make some comparisons between different two, and then screen out the one who is more inclined in their heart, and then unconsciously ignore the other.

Friendship between the opposite sex is like this. Blindly treating each other as the closest person will not only lead to misunderstanding, but also lead to emotional dependence. Moved heart and deteriorated friendship will not return to the state they once were.

It’s easy to warm up your feelings by making intimate contact with each other without mind

Why can physical contact increase intimacy? Neuropsychological studies have shown that physical contact (hugging, etc.) will affect the secretion of oxytocin, dopamine and other substances in the brain, which have a corresponding impact on our emotions and behaviors. There is even a view that dopamine makes us feel like love.

Although you are just friends for you. You treat her as a man and she treats you as a woman, some seemingly insignificant intimacy actions often bring two people closer.

For example, if you cross the road with her, the light on the opposite side will turn red soon. You naturally take her hand and walk over. This sudden move is likely to make her heart start to bump and plop.

Or you go to a party with a lot of people together. Out of the concern of friendship, you say to her when the crowd is crowded, “hold my hand, or you’ll get lost. You’re so stupid.”

These sweet actions that only lovers can make can easily make each other fall into your gentle arms and can’t extricate themselves.

As the old saying goes, men and women are incompatible. No matter how good the relationship is, if the physical contact of heterosexual friends is too close, it will inevitably make people misunderstand and fantasize, sublimating the original simple and pure friend relationship into another emotion.

If you don’t have the slightest love for each other, you must know how to keep an appropriate distance. This is respect for this friendship.

“Don’t give the other party the greatest hope, if you can’t be together,” Mo Yan said

Heterosexual friends should be measured in getting along with each other, and leave room for words and deeds, so as to make this friendship longer.

Being too concerned about each other’s life is very easy to impress people

It is indeed the most sincere state to help and respond to every request between friends. However, if every time she has difficulties or troubles in her life, you always come out to help her solve them at the first time, it is easy for her to have a good impression beyond friendship.

When people are most vulnerable, they are most likely to have feelings for people.

If you always accompany the other party when she needs it most, you think it’s just out of concern for your friends, but the other party is unconsciously moved by your every pay.

You gave her time and care, which made her mistakenly think that you had love for her. Maybe you think it’s all trivial things that are not worth mentioning, but for her, these trivial things have become unforgettable to her.

Therefore, if you only treat each other as ordinary friends, don’t care too much about her life, and don’t make some misunderstood romance.

When the relationship crosses the original boundary, the other party will easily fall in love with you.

If you are very close friends in your life and there is no hormone of love, you should know how to keep a safe distance. If one person breaks the boundary, another person will enter another relationship with the breakthrough of the boundary.

This is how people get along with each other. As long as there is no sense of distance, their feelings for each other will heat up day by day.

If you are just an ordinary friend, please be sure to follow the principle of normal communication belonging to friends.

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