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It’s easy to fall in love at first sight, but difficult to get married at last

It’s easy to fall in love at first sight, but difficult to get married at last

It’s easy to fall in love at first sight, but it’s hard to get married at last. When two people are not together, if they happen to meet the one they like, they should try to change themselves to be with the one they like, instead of waiting for him or her all the time. He will wait for you. When you have trouble, find brother Ming. It’s more fun to find brother Ming. Pay attention to brother Ming and talk about job hunting. Our story begins. There are many girls who don’t understand very much. When they get along with the boys they like, they don’t know whether they feel they have entered the state of self satisfaction and automatically meet some places that need girls to pay, so as to share all their happiness and beauty with boys. In this kind of love, boys can’t feel the experience of love and being loved. They will only feel that boys are irresponsible. When a boy sincerely pays for a girl, he can’t get a response in the end. Finally, the two people will break up because of various contradictions and quarrels.

For girls, this approach is a selfish idea and unwise love. For a relationship, if you always do this, you always ask yourself to give in at some time. When the boy is really considerate, you feel full of guilt and regret. If you still do this, you will soon break up with the boy. But in our eyes, if you really love him or her, you will take the initiative to retain him or her, and ask the boy to give you a step. When you are reluctant to contact him, he will take the initiative to find you again. Feelings are so strange. When you love someone, you will always be good to him consciously or unconsciously, and you will always be reluctant to make your own mistakes. When you think you should pay, you will not allow your pay to others to be taken away easily. When you don’t love, you hope the other party can give in to your initiative. At the same time, your initiative will become a habit. That is to say, if you don’t love someone, your initiative to someone is taken for granted. Boys may regret later, but when boys regret, they are often sad; On the contrary, if he regrets, he may be glad that he has done wrong, which is better than that he will not regret his own initiative in a wrong period, so that he can go to the end with the person who doesn’t love himself.

Therefore, when you know your favor for a person and you always feel guilty and regret, you need to think about this relationship. At this time, girls need to take the initiative and don’t let boys think you get him easily. Fortunately, if you know how to take the initiative, your feelings will heat up. If a boy has never done anything active, you may become friends from strangers, but I think it not only means that he still loves you in his heart, but also means that he hasn’t completely put you into his heart. Will a person feel guilty for another person? I don’t know if you can feel it. Since he doesn’t love you and loves others, then the person you love loves others, you need to think about it. The person you love may not love you.

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