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How to improve sexual pleasure and increase excitement

How to improve sexual pleasure and increase excitement

How to improve sexual pleasure! Sex is originally a matter of enjoyment. In addition to enjoyment, a happy sex can bring many benefits to the body and mind. After all, no one wants their own sex to be flat. Here’s how to improve sexual pleasure!

How to improve sexual pleasure and increase excitement

Increase your energy and physical strength

Sexual activity is energy consuming enough. Without strong physique, we can’t bear high-intensity sexual activity. At present, most people lack the element of exercise in their work and life, and those who have weak ejaculation are mostly those who work in the office for a long time. On the one hand, strengthening exercise can enhance physical strength, on the other hand, it can alleviate tense and depressed emotions. These two aspects are of great benefit to enhance sexual pleasure and improve the quality of sexual life.

A gentle foreplay

Without foreplay, sex is like chewing wax. A gentle foreplay makes sex more beautiful. Foreplay is not just touching, kissing and other behaviors, but also from drinking and chatting together, lighting aromatherapy candles, snuggling up to watch movies or listen to sexy slow songs, and having a close fitting slow dance together to warm the atmosphere, even the air is filled with an ambiguous atmosphere.

The appropriate caressing action makes the body soft and tender slowly, and then according to the other party’s physical reaction, the warm and gentle kiss falls on the other party’s ear, gently kiss, gently blow air, lick into the ear with the tongue, or gently bite the earlobe, breathe on the back of the ear, and pay careful attention to the other party’s physical changes. Simple small actions can make TA excited and feel very comfortable. When TA is intoxicated with your kiss, kiss slowly along the earlobe all the way to the neck, continue to move forward until the chest, and then return to each other’s lips. According to the atmosphere at that time, decide whether to have a light cut kiss or a romantic kiss. Women’s chest is one of the most sensitive parts of the body. Men can tease and play in various ways to cause women’s maximum sexual excitement.

You can make a sound

How to improve sexual pleasure and increase excitement

Most women are reserved, always hold a shy attitude towards sex, and feel very embarrassed about the real response to their body. In such a state of mind, sex can not be opened. The repressed emotion makes sex covered with a veil and can not be completely penetrated. For men, it’s not happy to love with a Muggle every day. In fact, when they love, they feel excited and happy. With the response of the body and the natural rhythm, they make moans sound, and the process becomes more enjoyable. More importantly, your enjoyment of voice is the greatest encouragement for men. Your satisfaction makes him more motivated and work harder.

Try to change more during sex

How to improve sexual pleasure and increase excitement

Sex should not be invariable, especially when couples are familiar with each other’s bodies and preferences, it is easy to lose interest gradually because of the invariance of sex style. When you love, you might as well add more tricks to increase the stimulation of sex. Both parties should continue to innovate and try different times, places and postures, which will help to improve sexual fun and reduce rigidity. You can even use sex machines to add more fun to your sex life.

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