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Happy sex process what is a happy sex process?

Happy sex process what is a happy sex process?

Do you know what kind of sex a woman wants? What is a woman’s favorite sexual process? Now Xiaobian will tell you what the happy sex process is. Next, let’s learn about the process of happy sex.

Before sex.

A woman’s prelude is the moment she wants to see a man, or the moment she meets a man. When a woman makes love, she will integrate the situation of the day into her lingering.

If a man doesn’t want to end the fight in panic when he has an affair with her, send her flowers first! If you can’t afford one, just buy one! Give women a small gift when they meet; Take time to learn many things described in love novels, walk and chat with her, and give a woman an affectionate hug that any woman likes.

Voice over: women need this. If not, women will resent it unless she deals with this man.

Men, before making love, please spend some time romantically with a woman, resonate with her sexual fantasies, and let her integrate all this into your sex.

Second, the prelude is sufficient.

A sufficient Prelude must be a very, very sufficient prelude. Many men do this when they have sex. Before a woman gets excited, he spits some saliva instead of a woman’s secretion. Can women not be disgusted?

Even if a man can make her orgasm, she will not be satisfied. This orgasm has no quality. Because this is only the climax of her physical instinct, not her psychological climax. For a woman, her psychological orgasm is more important than her physical instinctive orgasm. (women’s orgasm should be full orgasm, including hardware and software. In the novel, men often kiss a woman’s whole body when making love. In fact, men don’t need to kiss a woman’s whole body every time they make love, but they can instead touch her whole body or kiss her ears, especially sucking her ears and back.

Tip: the back of the ear is one of the most sensitive places for women. Women are most likely to be teased by language.! Praise her even if she is not very beautiful. Carefully search all the most beautiful idioms in the Chinese dictionary and bravely praise her with any of the most disgusting words; But pay attention to your tone and make her look like a hazy dream. Men might as well joke, don’t be as nervous as soldiers, make the atmosphere more relaxed!

Third, insert with heart.

Men may find it strange that sex is inserted with a penis. How can you insert it with your heart? Insertion is not a simple piston movement. Feel women’s reaction with men’s heart, cooperate with women with different speed, intensity, depth and position, feel women’s emotions with your heart, and let women synchronize with your passion.

Fourth, fully follow up.

Many men either lie on women like mud on the beach and snore; Or turn around, turn your back to the woman’s big ass, and then sleep loudly. In fact, at this time, women’s feelings are not over. How long will it take? How long will it take. As long as you can’t let a woman sleep, you must constantly praise her, touch her and be gentle with her in all directions. Women’s sweet talk, whether true or false, will be very useful.

Voice over: praise her! Without this, even if men are as brave as Stallone and your little brother is as strong as an iron bar, how strong and durable, women will not reach the above full climax. Women, in addition to physical needs, are more spiritual satisfaction.

We study philosophy, aesthetics and computers, many things that may make us happy, but few people study the sexual knowledge that will make you happy mentioned above. Happily try these sexual processes that make women happy.

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