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What is sex? Talking about sex is really playing hooligans? Understand these four points, husband and wife sex life will be happy

What is sex? Talking about sex is really playing hooligans? Understand these four points, husband and wife sex life will be happy

Sex is shameful, dirty and obscene.

Some people have this idea, but this idea is a wrong understanding of sex. Sex may be mysterious, but it is by no means dirty. It is understandable that women feel shy because of sex, but it is unnecessary to despise sex.

A thing that can bring a lot of happiness to your life, why should we oppose it? Why do you think it’s dirty? Sex between husband and wife can bring a lot of happiness and passion to life. It is a wonderful thing to increase the relationship between husband and wife.

Think sex is free

In the context of modern civilization, everything that can add fun to our life is reasonable, including promiscuity. This understanding is extremely absurd. Sex can indeed bring us happiness, but everything is bound by law and ethics, and sex is no exception.

For example, you may have multiple sexual partners in your life, which no one can criticize, but at the same time, or in marriage, you should respect your partner, which is an established rule of the game and must be observed. Moreover, sexual behavior without laws and moral norms has great harm to human health itself, and this harm is contagious. Therefore, for the health of ourselves and our partners, we should only participate in civilized sex life.

Sex is just an activity

This way of understanding sex makes the connotation of sex too narrow. Everything, including sexual hints, sexual fantasies, sexual provocations and temptations, should belong to sexual life. Therefore, in marriage, we should not only bring fun with fixed sexual activities, but also learn to increase the interest of sexual life through flirtation, sexual temptation and all imaginable language and behavior.

When it is not convenient for us to express directly in words, a kiss, hug or challenging love words can alleviate our tension and desire. This is a healthy state of life, which can make our marriage more interesting and passionate.

A procedure must be followed in the way of sex

This kind of understanding of sex is very rigid. You can simply think that sex is a sport, but it is more secret. Like skating, it can be single, double and fancy. In short, as long as it is within the scope of law and morality, sexual ways that can bring happiness between husband and wife can be tried.

In marriage, there should be no taboos in the sexual life between husband and wife. The sexual life of “one time, one place, one posture” should be improved. The poor and boring sexual life is also the biggest hidden danger of marriage.

Conclusion: sex is the most important way of spiritual communication between husband and wife in marriage. If love is the pillar of marriage, then sex should be the foundation of love. However, many couples have great misunderstandings about sex. To be exact, most people have great misunderstandings about sex, and the misunderstanding brings many unnecessary psychological anxiety.

However, in fact, only a correct understanding of sex can produce correct behavior. Only when we have a correct concept and clear ideas about sex life can we dispel our misunderstanding of sex, treat sex with a more correct and enjoyable attitude, and make our marriage life more harmonious

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