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Short sex life is very distressing? Teach you 4 tips to help prolong your sex life

Short sex life is very distressing? Teach you 4 tips to help prolong your sex life

I believe that many men and women hope that their sexual life can be longer when they have sex, which can make the body get more pleasure. In life, some couples always have too short a time when they have sex, which makes them particularly annoyed. They also want to take measures to prolong their sexual life. In fact, if you want to prolong their sexual life, you can try these tips.

What tips can help you prolong your sex life?

1、 Pause appropriately

When having sex, men should learn to control their emotions before ejaculation. When they are about to ejaculate, they can stop their actions immediately and keep themselves reserved for a while, which can reduce the stimulation of parasympathetic excitement and reduce their desire to ejaculate.

2、 Change position

Changing the position for many times during sexual life can prolong the sexual intercourse time, especially when taking the sexual life position such as the female bedroom, changing the position for many times can inhibit the male’s shooting desire and prolong the sexual intercourse time.

3、 Wear condoms

Wearing condoms can also prolong a sexual life. Men will reduce the sensitivity of the glans when wearing condoms, so that they will not have rapid ejaculation due to high sensitivity after entering the female vagina.

4、 Perfect cooperation

Sex life is an art. It requires men and women to cooperate with each other to achieve the best sense of enjoyment. Women should actively cooperate in sex life, which can prolong men’s sexual intercourse time and maximize each other’s sexual satisfaction.

What should couples pay attention to when having sex?

1、 Take good contraceptive measures

If you don’t want to get pregnant accidentally, you should take contraceptive measures when you have sex. At present, the more common contraceptive measures include wearing condoms, using contraceptives and contraceptive membranes. Women can choose to take contraceptive measures according to their physical conditions to prevent accidental pregnancy.

2、 Do a good job of hygiene and cleaning

Before sex, men and women should do a good job in the cleaning and hygiene of genitals, because the resistance of genitals is relatively weak. If they do not do a good job in cleaning before sex, it is easy for bacteria to adhere, and reproductive diseases are easy to appear during sexual intercourse.

In a word, if men often find that they have a short sexual life, they might as well take these tips to prolong their sexual life. Just note that some men will have some obstacles in sexual life due to andrology diseases, resulting in a shorter sexual life. At this time, they need to seek medical treatment in time to control it from the source, Extend sexual life.

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