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20 Ways to Tell If a Guy Is Attracted to You

Got your eye on a certain fella but not sure if he’s feeling you? Figuring out if a guy is into you isn’t always so obvious. While he may not come right out and confess his attraction, there are tells you can look for that suggest you’ve caught his eye.

We’ve rounded up 20 ways to tell if a guy is attracted to you. Study these signs to know if he’s crushing hard or just being friendly. Then you can make your move with confidence when the signals say it’s game on!

You chat with a guy and seem to hit it off. He laughs at your jokes, holds eye contact, and finds excuses to hang out. But is he just a buddy or something more? Knowing if a guy likes you as more than a friend can be tricky.

Guys aren’t always super forthcoming when it comes to expressing attraction. You can end up misreading signs and making things awkward if you assume a guy is crushing when he’s not. That’s why you’ve got to know what subtle and not-so-subtle clues to look for.

With this list of 20 ways to tell if a guy is attracted to you, you’ll be able to decode his behavior. Save yourself potential embarrassment and find out if his actions, body language, and communication style reveal an underlying attraction.

Once you know the signs, you’ll have the confidence to make a move if all systems are go. Here are the top ways to tell if that guy is secretly digging on you!

20 Ways to Tell If a Guy is Attracted to You:

  1. He makes strong eye contact and holds your gaze.

When a guy is into you, he won’t be able to keep his eyes off you. Lingering eye contact without glancing away is a huge sign of attraction.

  1. He points his shoulders and feet toward you.

Subconscious body language doesn’t lie. If he’s facing you head-on, it signals he’s interested and paying close attention.

  1. He finds excuses to be near you or touch you.

Whether it’s high-fiving you or sitting thigh-to-thigh on the couch, a guy who wants to be close is attracted to you.

  1. He “accidentally” bumps into you or grazes against you.

Light physical contact is a definite clue, especially if he seems to engineer ways to innocently touch you.

  1. He starts grooming and preening when you’re around.

A guy who likes you will instinctively want to look his best, so notice if he fixes his hair, straightens his clothes or smooths his beard in your presence.

  1. He asks lots of questions and remembers the details.

A man who is genuinely interested will engage with you fully and recall little things you tell him about your life.

  1. He compliments your appearance frequently.

An earnest guy who thinks you’re cute will find sincere ways to praise your smile, laugh, eyes, or fashion sense.

  1. His pupils dilate when he looks at you.

Enlarged pupils are a subconscious sign of arousal and attraction that’s tough to fake. Check if his widen around you.

  1. He makes excuses to be around you even if it’s inconvenient.

A guy wouldn’t go out of his way without good reason. So if he journeys to see you or shifts plans to hang out, he’s doing it because he’s crushing.

  1. He laughs at all your jokes.

A dead giveaway is if he finds everything you say hilarious. Chances are he’s trying extra hard to impress you if he’s overly amused.

  1. He gets nervous or fumbles over his words around you.

It’s a cute sign he’s attracted if he becomes shy, jittery, flushed or trips over his words in your presence.

  1. He facing you with an open posture.

Open body language with relaxed shoulders and uncrossed arms or legs means he’s comfortable with you in his personal space.

  1. He finds small ways to be helpful or impress you with kindness.

Notice if he offers you gum, holds doors, grabs you coffee, or helps you with tasks. He wants you to see him in the best light.

  1. He makes an effort with his texts.

You’ll get thoughtful responses, not just one-word answers. A guy who cares will ask you questions and keep the conversation flowing.

  1. He initiates most of the contact with you.

In general, a man who frequently reaches out first via calls, texts or invites is pursuing you. He’ll be eager to interact.

  1. He gets flustered or jealous if you talk to other guys.

Palpable envy when you give attention to other dudes is evidence he wishes he had you all to himself.

  1. He finds little excuses just to say your name.

This sounds like a cliche, but it’s true. A guy who repeats your name often is revealing his affection.

  1. He tries to discover common interests and enthusiasms.

Pay attention if he brings up shared tastes in music, foods, hobbies, or values. He wants you to see how compatible you are.

  1. He asks you lots of “getting to know you” questions.

Personal questions about your past, family, interests, and preferences indicate a desire to learn more about the real you.

  1. He compliments who you are as a person, not just your looks.

Sincere praise for your intelligence, humor, kindness, talents or determination means he truly sees and appreciates you.

In Summary

Figuring out male attraction isn’t always straightforward. But paying attention to body language, conversation style, and subtle cues can help reveal when a guy thinks you’re special. Once you spot enough signals, you can feel confident making a flirty move to show you’re interested too.

Just remember, attraction isn’t one-sided. You’ll have the best chance for romance if you also make an effort to put your best self forward. A great connection starts with two people genuinely seeing, listening and appreciating each other.

So get out there and start cracking the “is he interested?” code using these 20 ways to tell if a guy is attracted to you. Understanding the signs will help you move forward with an exciting relationship full of potential. Just make sure he’s really worth your time first!

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