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10 Common Signs a Guy Likes You As More Than a Friend

You’ve got a great buddy who you can chat and laugh with for hours. But sometimes you wonder…could this friendship turn into something more? How can you tell if a guy sees you as just a friend or something more?

Figuring out if a guy likes you as more than a platonic pal can feel confusing. You don’t want to jeopardize the friendship by making a move if he’s not feeling a romantic vibe.

Luckily, there are telling signs that suggest when a guy is crushing on you as more than a friend. We’ve rounded up 10 common indicators that a guy may think of you as girlfriend material.

You and your guy friend have an awesome time together. You share endless inside jokes, he’s easy to talk to, and you just click. But even if you suspect he might like you as more than friends, you feel unsure.

Discovering if romantic interest is mutual without risking potential awkwardness takes finesse. Guys don’t always overtly confess an attraction right away. You need to read between the lines of his behavior, body language, and interactions with you.

With this list of 10 signs a guy likes you as more than a friend, you’ll be able to decode his true feelings. Once you’re sure the signals point to him crushing on you, you can decide on making a flirty move or gently confronting him to discuss taking the next step.

Trust your instincts, pay close attention, and look for multiple clues before you jump to conclusions. Here are the top indicators a guy sees you as more than just a buddy:

10 Signs a Guy Likes You As More Than a Friend:

  1. He goes out of his way to spend time with you.

A guy with purely platonic feelings wouldn’t frequently shift plans or drive far just to hang out with you. Making an extra effort reveals he wants more.

  1. He contacts you frequently just to chat.

Daily check-ins about your day or random texts to say hi mean you’re on his mind as more than a pal.

  1. He gets jealous or sulky when you hang with other guys.

Possessiveness or envy when you give attention to other dudes is a clear giveaway he’s got a crush.

  1. He preens and fixes his appearance around you.

A guy who likes you will subconsciously want to impress you by looking his best when you’re around. Notice if he smooths his hair or clothes in your presence.

  1. He finds excuses to be close to you or touch you.

Innocent physical contact like playful nudges, high fives, and thigh-to-thigh seating are signs he wants you in his space.

  1. His body language faces you whenever you’re together.

Turned shoulders, knees, and feet facing you are subconscious signs of attraction and engagement. An open posture exposes interest.

  1. His pupils dilate when he’s looking at you.

Enlarged pupils are an instinctive signal of arousal and interest. If his widen around you, it means he’s excited!

  1. He asks intimate questions and remembers details you tell him.

A guy who sees you as just a friend wouldn’t care about your deepest secrets and feelings. But an interested guy wants to know everything.

  1. He compliments your appearance and personality.

Compliments galore about your looks, brains, talents, sense of humor, or heart mean he thinks you’re the total package.

  1. He laughs at all your jokes and acts goofier around you.

Amped up silliness, teasing, laughing, and smiles show you make him giddy. He’s trying hard to impress you.

In Summary

When a platonic male friend starts showing any of these 10 signs, it likely means he’s crushing on you as more than buddies. Don’t jump to conclusions too quickly, but pay attention to subtle body language, behaviors, and communication style for clues.

Once you’re fairly sure he’s interested, you can make a move or open up a gentle dialog to prevent potential awkwardness. After all, taking a friendship to the next level holds risks.

Proceed slowly and trust your connection. With openness, mutual understanding and clear communication, you can give romance a chance without jeopardizing a great friendship.

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