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Weekend dating with girlfriend introduction

During this time of weekend, many people will relax themselves and let themselves have a good time. And proper play can play a more physical and mental role. Many couples will regard the weekend as the prime time for dating. The so-called “win the war without preparation”. Before dating, we’d better think about the couple’s one-day dating plan, so that the two can make better use of their time and have a good time. Next, let’s take a look at the introduction to dating your girlfriend on weekends

Prepare in advance, where to eat

On your first date, you can eat and chat in a special restaurant. Don’t be embarrassed to meet this girl. It must be a little natural to have dinner together for the first time. But to go to a relatively quiet and pleasant atmosphere, such as coffee shop, painting exhibition, etc. This kind of place is not crowded and the environment is better. Sometimes, you can enjoy a beautiful environment, a better environment and a happy weekend.

Lead the chat and provide topics so as not to be cold

When chatting with girls, you should mention topics. For example, his lipstick is good. Your lips are really clear and lovely today. Start with other people’s details. When girls hear such words, wow, you know how fashionable things are, so you should be prepared to mention them. Otherwise, you don’t have a steady stream of topics when you date girls. However, as long as you cut into the chat point, most girls will be happy to reply to the topics they are interested in, and will reveal the source. Last time, they bought Audi slogan with their girlfriends. His coffee color is really versatile, and he is an online celebrity, so you can’t say it.

Prepare in advance, film

You can ask the location of the visit in advance, and it is not easy to answer this question carefully. Then introduce yourself and mention the movie there. Soon you will have a good impression. Then you take the initiative and ask where you want to go. There will be a performance opportunity, then go to the movies together and accept your invitation. After talking about this, you know a lot about her hobbies. Then there are many interactions in play.

Visit museums and art galleries together, quiet and convenient for communication

It’s easy to arouse artistic resonance between two people in such a place. If you both like art, of course, some people may not appreciate these things. In this way, don’t force yourself to avoid teaching in front of girls. The biggest feature of this place is that it’s very quiet, and it’s convenient for you two to communicate. You two have always been together to see the same thing together. In this way, Two people will have a lot of common language.

Go to see a drama and listen to a concert together to give girls a different experience

In movies, you may have common hobbies, so the types you like are also different, and most of the cinemas are lovers. For your friends who have not determined the relationship, the best place to go is relatively relaxed. Therefore, you can go to the drama and listen to the concert. It is different from the ordinary date, which will make the girls feel that this experience is very different, Then in fact, listening to the concert is a particularly romantic thing. When those two people concentrate on doing one thing, they will find that they actually have a lot in common.

Make pottery, bake desserts and experience the fun of working together

You can have a try. Doing such things is far more interesting than shopping. Ceramics and desserts are actually items that girls prefer. When you can take girls to experience such a date, girls will feel that you are different from other boys. They will think you are special and like the date you designed. You have unique ingenuity, and there will be memories that belong to both of you.

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