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How do couples date? It’s fun

Date dress should be simple

When dating, the first feeling of the other person about you is very important. Many times, if you present the other person with an image that the other person doesn’t like or even feels uncomfortable, you don’t need to go on with this date, because the premiere effect will make him less and less fond of you.

So when dating, there is no need to dress up, which will only reduce the other party’s favor for you.

I once had the honor to go to a blind date party. There were all kinds of people in the party, especially the girls, all tall and beautiful. However, at the end of the flower presentation, all the boys handed the bouquet of roses in their hands to a girl with plain clothes and mediocre appearance. If those women with heavy makeup are compared to roses, then the simple and simple woman is about hibiscus.

Whether it’s a woman or a man, there’s really no need to dress up too much when dating. If you seem too deliberate, the other party will think you have a strong purpose. It’s better to be casual. In this way, you may get the favor of the other party.

Chat naturally

A person’s speech can often well reflect his character and family upbringing. When two people are on a date, try to be polite and polite. Don’t say dirty words. This will make the other party lose all favor with you.

In order to avoid embarrassment when dating, many people keep saying that although it can temporarily alleviate embarrassment, it exposes your shortcomings. If you keep talking, the other person will think you are a nag. It’s just a speech school, saying some whimsical nonsense. People nowadays dislike those unrealistic people most, because they can’t give others a sense of security. Especially girls, they are very concerned about men’s actions.

If you think it’s embarrassing for two people to sit together and have nothing to talk about, it’s better to try to tell some interesting things you’ve experienced recently, or tell each other some stories and jokes, so that the other party will think you’re a very humorous person and willing to talk to you. Two people can also have a good impression in the process of chatting.

Keep smiling all the time

Smile is often the most infectious. Everyone likes people who love to laugh. Girls love to laugh, boys will think this girl is very sweet. Boys love to laugh, girls will feel that the boy is very warm. One person’s first impression of another person is very important. If you laugh as soon as you see each other, the other person’s favor for you will rise immediately.

Some people say that if you really love someone, you will smile happily whenever you see him. If you keep smiling when dating, the other person will feel that he is very important in your heart, because he is the person you want to laugh when you see him.

When a couple sits together on a date, even if they don’t talk, smiling will make each other feel very beautiful and promote the emotion between two people, because smiling is the best sweetener to promote love. As soon as you smile at him, he can immediately feel the beauty of love, so the favor will rise.

Learn to listen to each other

When a couple gets along, the most important thing is to listen. The reason why many couples quarrel is that both sides are stubborn and unwilling to listen to other people’s explanations. There is a gap between the two people, which gradually erupts. So listening is very important in love.

Especially when dating, you must always pay attention to your discretion. In the process of dating, you should not keep talking about your own affairs and don’t care about each other’s feelings at all. You don’t hear what the other person says. You only know to tell, but don’t know to listen. This will make the other party feel that you are a very self-centered person, because you will not listen to others, so you will not understand others. In this way, the other party will be afraid to be with you, because people who don’t know how to listen to the other half often love themselves more.

Order each other’s favorite dishes

It is inevitable for two people to have dinner together on their first date. In fact, in the process of eating, many small details can reflect your attitude towards this relationship. Sometimes, whether two people are fit or not can be perfectly reflected by having a meal together.

So you must not think that the meal you eat on a date is just a simple meal. At the same time, it is also a time to test your sincerity to each other. When you eat together, you must pay attention to yourself. Life is still very long. You can eat a lot of meals every day, but there is only one lover. If you miss it, it will be difficult to meet again. Therefore, when ordering dinner on a date, you must pay attention to more dishes that the other party likes to eat, so that the other party can feel the importance you attach to her, so that she will be willing to deliver her life to you. Every woman wants to marry a man who will be considerate of herself, and consideration is reflected in some small details. If you realize it, happiness will knock on the door later.

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