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What can a boy do for his girlfriend in love that will surprise and move her?

1. Can use exquisite things

A girl once said that before falling in love, she was a female man who easily carried a bucket of mineral water upstairs. After having a boyfriend, she was still a little woman who couldn’t even open a bottle of mineral water. No matter how strong a girl looks, there is always a weak little woman in her heart, who needs to be cared for, loved and tolerated.

Of course, the best gift corresponding to little women is flowers. Few girls don’t like flowers. If you want to create surprises in love, flowers are an essential gift. On her birthday, a bunch of fiery red roses not only made her happy among her friends, but also increased the romance of her birthday; When she went to work, a bunch of pure lilies not only satisfied her little vanity in front of her colleagues, but also created a happy mood for her to go to work; When she is tired and busy, flowers are indispensable to relieve her mood. Therefore, sometimes, boys should even know the connotation and moral of flowers better than girls.

In addition to flowers, there are some small things that girls like. They are cheap and exquisite. They are not necessarily festivals or special things. Some small gifts at any time may bring other surprises to her.

2. Will do warm things

Whether you are a stressed white-collar worker or an employee of a company who keeps entertaining, you must always be ready to do something warm to surprise your girlfriend in love. It doesn’t need to be earth shaking, but it must go deep into her heart. For example, in a dream, Fei Yunfan and Ziling enjoy the starry sky together. Ziling just couldn’t help sighing that  the moon is so beautiful§, and Fei Yunfan immediately said  do you like it? I’ll take it off for you§. When Ziling opened her eyes, a bright necklace of  stars holding the moon§ appeared in front of her, and the last Necklace basically ran through her life.

She can do warm things without specific occasions. She only needs to have a delicate and sensitive heart. She can think of the front for all things, such as walking on the side of the vehicle when crossing the road together, opening the door for her and covering the door frame when getting on the bus, and so on. If you pass the florist or gift shop at any time and take small gifts for her from time to time, it will certainly increase the romantic value and sweetness of your love.

3. Can say moving words

In super orator, one contestant’s speech theme is that the wife is the super orator. She is the winner no matter how to talk to her. Some people say that arguing with women is the stupidest behavior. If you want to surprise your girlfriend, you should be able to say moving words.

The girl’s heart is always soft and sensitive. Surprise your girlfriend with some touching love words will make love more romantic. For example, when sending a bunch of red roses, I will still love you so much in a hundred years. On Valentine’s day, I’m just with you. I don’t want to give anyone a chance!§. On my birthday, living with you is the greatest gift God has given me in my life.

4. People who will love their loved ones

When two people are together because of love, it must be the blending of two lives, which will surprise their girlfriend and know how to love her relatives and friends. When life is not too busy, I can make a greeting call for her family in time, think of her parents on her birthday, and think of their mothers when sending flowers to her on some special women’s festivals. In this way, I will certainly increase the surprise value of my girlfriend’s festival.

5. Will enjoy the beautiful scenery

Learning to surprise your girlfriend is better than enjoying the beautiful scenery together. Otherwise, how can there be a honeymoon after marriage. Two people can take strange roads and see strange scenery together, which must be the most beautiful love chapter in their lives.


What should men pay attention to in love?

To get close to her heart and understand her needs.


She was most moved to do those things for her girlfriend

You help her when she really wants something or wants to do something and she doesn’t have the ability


In love, ask for something that surprises her

Love needs a formula. My formula for success is romance. ha-ha! Take her to a movie first, buy a bag of popcorn while watching the movie, and put a note you wrote in advance in the popcorn, with special moving words. Let her touch the note when she eats. She promises to be very Moved! ha-ha!


What do boys do for girls in love?

Be nice to her, dress less, pay attention to personal image, have a sense of humor, be cheerful and generous, and boys with good physical education will also add points,

We are not in a hurry to let life give us all the answers. Sometimes, we need to be a little patient. Even if you shout to the empty valley, you have to wait a while before you can hear the long echo. In other words, life will certainly tell you the answer, but it won*t tell you everything right away. As long as you are willing to wait, the beauty of life will come when you don*t care.


What happened in love?

My husband and I are in long-distance love. But he came up with me for me. hey. I think emotional matters should be more interactive. Sometimes you go to see him and he comes to see you. So it can last longer. But we should stay together longer because of something


What do you do when chasing a girl can move her most

Use details to impress the other party, show their carefulness, and let the other party understand that they are not only boys courage, but also very careful


Girlfriends need to know about their boyfriends!

Although the first floor is very right, the men are just more accommodating from a man’s point of view.

I think his eating habits, hobbies, usual hobbies, good friends, what kind of people he likes, etc. only by understanding these, can the two people develop better. Of course, it’s also important to be coquettish at the right time.


What do boys want their girlfriends to know in love

Trust, understand, give him face in front of his friends, don*t make trouble without reason, and don’t face other men’s flower maniacs (hope to adopt)

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