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When dating, the most easy to let a woman’s heart a few small moves

Many straight boyfriends have such confusion. They have made full preparations, and then go on a date excitedly. However, they die in light every time.

There are a few remaining relationships that also end up unharmed after several dates.

They don*t understand what the problem is. So it has also greatly hit their emotional self-confidence.

So how to catch a woman*s heart quickly when dating? After reading the following three skills, it may give you some inspiration.

Stare straight at her

Eyes can speak, so even without words, when you look at each other seriously with your eyes, you will express infinite tenderness.

When a man is dating a woman, he stares at her seriously, but when he doesn*t speak, he will always make a careless looking woman shy immediately.

They will pretend to inadvertently ask, do I have flies on my face?

And the man will answer, it’s because I can’t see enough of your face.

Although women always say that men are annoying at this time, in fact, there is already a spring water rippling in their hearts.

Many men will think that looking at women directly is disrespect for them. In fact, in the sweet love, occasionally crossing the boundary and occasionally being a little abrupt will actually make women feel better about love and rapidly heat up the relationship between two people.

Women fall in love because they feel loved.

So when men*s eyes make them feel that they are the only one in men*s eyes, they will also devote themselves to this relationship.


Feed her

No matter how powerful a woman looks, when they fall in love, they all want to be a little princess.

This is why women always want their loved ones to call themselves babies, because they want to be spoiled in front of men and be a carefree little girl.

Although many people feel numb, few women can resist when a man calls a woman a baby.

So feeding women to eat seems to be a very disgusting thing, but it can make women intoxicated. From this small move, they will feel that they have been loved and cared for by men.

Men should never refuse to do this because they think it is too childish and disgusting. Since you want to fall in love and enjoy a relationship, take care of this woman as a baby.

Touch the head to kill


Touching the head is the most commonly used plot in idol dramas, but it is never tired of trying. In particular, it’s hard for a woman to resist the head to head killing from an overbearing president.


Because at this time, on the one hand, it can show the reliability and strength of men, on the other hand, it can make women feel that they have a complete sense of security in front of men.


Every woman likes the feeling of being protected, and the subtle action skill of touching the head is always full of protection and doting.


Of course, if this action is done too untimely, it will also cause women’s disgust.


After all, touching a woman*s hair rashly before the relationship has progressed to a certain extent and the relationship has not warmed up will make a woman feel offended.


Therefore, men must be measured and don’t steal the chicken and lose the rice. Instead of winning the favor of women, they let the relationship end immediately.


When a man is in love, he will always be at a loss immediately.


They learn their love experience from the Internet and learn the love treasure of the master of love from TV dramas and movies, hoping to summarize some reliable experience and methods.


However, sometimes it always backfires.


Anything you do or say should be transferred according to the time, place and situation at that time. Don*t copy mechanically step by step.


Of course, honesty is the most important thing in love. Every woman wants to be truly loved.


Even without any ostentation, as long as you can make a woman feel that she is really cared for and cared for, then your relationship will have a good ending.

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